It is a mixture of Tomato, Red Onion, Garlic, “HABASHIAN mixed spices” and the famous “BERBERE SPICE”. Prepared by experts with the highest international standards .
To save you time and effort of preparing your favorite meal, not to mention other environmental and safety side effects.To bring your own or favorite meal to you at the time and place you choose.
One 470g package of “MEAZA BERBERE SPICY SAUCE” can serve 5-6 people in one meal.
Put your “Meaza Berbere spicy sauce” into your cooking pot, Let it cook for 5 minutes, Add the ingredients you want (Chiken, Meat, Ground Meat ..., etc), Let it Cook for 20-25 minutes and enjoy the delicious taste.
When we talk about hot sauces, there are degrees, but the “MEAZA BERBERE SPICY SAUCE” is a mixture of hot and sweet peppers with different spices that gives you a smooth and delicious taste.
Yes, because it is prepared from the finest types of natural vegetables carefully selected from Turkish farms.

We are Professional & Expert Specializes in East African “Habasha”

MEAZA specializes in East African “Habasha” prepared and partially prepared food.